It worked out better than planned.

I wasn't sure where this one was better off, school or music, so if the mods feel the need to move it, feel free.

Tonight my school put a performance showing off my school's dance, drama, multimedia and music programs.

I happened to be apart of the music setup, i played drums with my band playing Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes. I shall write about the day.

Okay, at roughly 10.00 in the morning, we had to meet at the theatre we were playing at. We all fussed around, searching the place top to bottom discovering the place like curious little 5 year olds sussing out their new toys. The things that were running through my head were ones of nervousness and excitement.

I should say here, that i'm deadly afraid of crowds. I can't stand them, i hate the attention and all the jazz that comes with it. I might explain that another day. But back on with it. We had to play two shows, one in the afternoon for a school, an old folks home and some students from my school. Then an evening one for parents and friends.

We started off with a meeting, giving us a run down of the day, and basic rules. Then we started with the rehearsal. It slowly went through until it came my time to come up, i was just thinking to myself focus focus focus, even though it was rehearsal, there were some people there.

The first rehearsal went well, we didn't screw up. Only the microphone did. So our vocalist went short and no one could hear her. At the end of the performance, i heard a few people shout out 'That's my girlfriend!!' from my boyfriend, then another couple of guys shouted out 'she's hot!' Which, as you can imagine made me feel embarrased. I'm not too confident in that area.

After this first rehearsal we continued fussing around a bit, then came another meeting telling us to meet back at whatever time after lunch break. Which is what came next.

After lunch break, the school and such we were performing too arrived. That's what my nerves started kicking in.
I went to sit at the very back of the theatre. Which i sat in peace listening to some music for a bit along calming down, until half my friend came out there asking me what was wrong. When there wasn't actually anything wrong. I was dealing with the nerves fine and yeah.

It eventually came time to come on. And i was extremely nervous by that stage. But i didn't screw up, and i remembered the drums. Just the microphone cut out, yet again.
And the amp screwed up. So our back up guitarist was louder than the bassist and lead guitar. Which didn't put him into a very good position.

But we finished, and then the show went on, technical difficulties and all.

Then came a three hour break where i just went off with some friends to the near by shops keeping them out of trouble. Another rehearsal of just hte music items, and checking that the electrical stuff was working, and then came the evening performance finally. This one went by a little bit quicker. I became a little more social before this performance, but i spent awhile on my own again just chilling out. Except i had to find a different area, so i just bummed around the opposite side of the dressing rooms which i never used. Then once again, my time to come on. And typically, something went wrong.
The microphone again!

We kept on playing though, like little soldiers. It turned out really well, and i'm glad it did, besides the whole electrical problems, it all turned out brilliant. Up

And i treated myself to a mean Lostprophets poster.
Posted on June 21st, 2007 at 08:50am


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