28 weeks later.

Seriously, I love Danny Boyle for the 28 series.

Basically, it starts with a group of non-infected survivors, they find a child, and the infected find them, and only one gets away.
The virus comes back (for reasons I'm not stating) and all hell comes loose.
There's all the gore you could want in it, more eye gouging (if you're into that), more blood, biting, gunshots and other stuff then you can poke a stick at.
My favourite scene over all is near the end where there's a helicopter and about 5 people running from a massive group of infected people.
One of the people on the ground contacts the man in the helicopter, and tells him to do something so they don't get infected. And as you do, the helicopter over took them, blades running diagonally downwards towards the infected, and slices them up!!!!!!
There's an awesome cliffhanger at the end.
But you need to watch 28 days later to completely grasp the concept.
Posted on June 24th, 2007 at 04:28am


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