We all know that zombies are scary, fictional characters. But what would happen if they were suddenly real and thrust upon us with no warning at all? Would you survive? Even then, would you fight? Or cower in fear, boarded up insdie your house? I, personally, would probably cower at first, but, out of desperation for food and water, will go out into the zombie infested world in search of refuge.

Most everyone has seen at leas one zombie movie. Here are a few tips that you may find helpful if the world were infested with zombies.

1] DO NOT let more people join your group. Especially if some of the new people are hurt. They will slow you down and are possibly [more than likely] infected.

2] No matter how safe you think your "safe spot" will be, the zombies can [and probably will] still get in. Take all possible measures to secure yourself.

3] If a loved one is bitten/scratched/etc take no hesitation on killing them. You, and him or her, are better off in the long run. It will be hard, but would you rather them be at peace or suffer until death and come back and try to kill you?

4] If you have to get away from your house or other place of refuge, go to a mall. Even though the zombies will probably find themselves in the mall parking lot, you can still have a little fun until you're stupid enough to escape from the mall.

5] Infection spreads fast. If your area, or an area around you is infected chances are your life will come to a quick end. [both metaphorically and literally]

6] Refugee camps are NOT safe. An infected victim will end up coming to the camp and infecting the entire area.

7] Blunt objects are the best bet at beating off zombies. Cutting off a zombie's head is not always effective. Even when decapitated a zombie's head can still bite you and will result in infection. A hard blow to the head or neck will take down the zombie.

8] Zombies are wake alone, but if they gang up on you they are VERY strong and very destructive. One zombies if fightable, one hunder is another story.

9] Not all zombies are slow. [i.e. 28 Days/Weeks later. Yes, I know it's not technically a zombie movie.] Okay, bad example. How about the little gril in Dawn of the Dead? I'd say she's pretty fast since she's running.

10] People often think zombies just eat brains. NO! They eat anything and everythng they can get their mouths on. So watch yourself.

11] Avoid loose clothing and long hair. Loose clothing and long hair give something the zaombie can grab onto. asoe, avoid body jewelry. [i.e. bully button ring in Land of the Dead]

12] Anything sexual = death. In all horror movies.

If the world was in infected by zombies, remember, killing the infected and running like hell is your best chance of survival. NEVER let your guard down. Zombies can come out of no where [even the ground].

But if you're in a highly populated area, it will probably be the best for you to stay in hiding for awhile before you make your break. And when you eventually do, travel at night. Zombies can't detect you as well and you can avoid other obstacles [such as guys with guns.] Traveling during the day may also be effective. You can see yoru surroundings a lot better. My preference would be during the day. It is safer, to an extent. You are more seeable [obviously] so travel carefully. Hide. Travel in dense areas. Woods are safe, but don't travel on paths. Start your own. Zombies are less likely [but still could] to be in the middle of the woods.

Water is not a sure thing, but it can be effective with boat travel. You move quicker by boat then land. And zombies can't reach you as easily. Swimming will not be effective. You will get tired and might not be able to swim away from said zombie.

Car travel is not smart. Chances are your car probably will break down and you will be stranded. Car travel is a no-no. Even if you travel by car, for God's sake, TAKE THE CHILD LOCK OFF! Say your step-dad is bitten, and you're stupid enough to take him along. He turns into a zombie. You're stuck in the car. What now? MUNCH MUNCH, right? [Shaun of the Dead]

These places are not safe - apartments, bars, grave yards, isalands, basically everywhere else. No place is safe EXCEPT, a WELL-boarded up house or a differnet country, haha. Well, not another country, the Rage virus spreaded from England to France.

Do you believe zombies can/will exist?
I honestly don't believe taht zombies can exist. Now at least. Unless there is a secret organization [i.e. the Hive - Resident Evil] reanimating dead tissue somewhere. Unlikely? Yes. Possible? Yes.

Will our world come to an end due to zombie infestation? You tell me.

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Posted on July 6th, 2007 at 06:39pm


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