Snakes On A Plane

XD Oh my god.
Last week I watched Snakes on a plane.... *Shakes head*
My god..

I liked it alittle though.

I loved the newlyweds who went into the bathroom and smoked a joint, having sex. XD But when the snake bit her brest...
My god... I choked on my soda laughing!

Then when the guy went to the bathroom.. He said "Where's my big boy." while unzipping his pants. My god I cracked up at that! Then the snake bite him.. You can guess where... XD

And then almost at the end, when the snakes are attacking.. everyone is panicking and gets attacked, well almost everyone...
One guy was running with a crowd, he tripped...

And one girl stepped on his ear, and her high heel went through his head. o_o And he was just laying there, screaming while other people stepped on his head.

XD I ran out of the room when they were about to attack a baby...

God that was a hilarous movie. But, I gues it was okay... I didn't see the end... XD
Posted on January 26th, 2007 at 11:22pm


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