Resident Evil 4-Wii Edition


Well, what can I say, the game is as good as it was on the PS2/GameCube consoles. The graphics for the game are pretty top-notch. I wouldn't call myself hardcore for the Resident Evil series, but I am somewhat of a fan of it. What slowly steered me away from the game is the tight controls which took a lot of getting used to, though some are adapt to it and shrug it off like it were nothing, Resident Evil 4, though somewhat the same, the controls have improved and with an over-the-shoulder camera perspective, feeling faster and smoother as well as adding in the action button element. The Wii controls don't actually add much to the game other than having a faster knife attack, but it does make aiming at enemies quicker, smoother and accurate. I've been shooting nothing but headshots throughout the entire game. The characters and story all feel unique having there own feel and personality. The enemies are much different and faster than that of the typical normal zombie, and actually think which gives the game quite a challenge upping the adrenaline and survival-horror factor.

All in all, the game ranks high but being a port of the PS2/GameCube kinda takes away the high score but if your new to the game or new to the series then you should definetely get this game...Unless your scared?!

Posted on July 15th, 2007 at 09:04pm


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