Taco Bell & Hookers

Hello my friends. Well my weekend was INSANE!!! My best friends Chris and Stacey, and there friend John came over from Montana. They arrived here around 10:00 p.m Friday night. We were all starving so we crammed into the car and went to Taco Bell. We went through the drive through and the guy on the speaker was being a real idiot! So Chris got annoyed and said to suck a fat babies dick!! lol...And so we tried to leave without gettin our food, but John thought he was in drive and we were actually in reverse!!! So we plowed over the Drive Through sign at Taco Bell. So if thats why you went to Taco Bell and noticed why the sign is leaning against the wall, that was me and my insane friends! And then the next night we went to BK and we find some ad for a hooker! And as nasty minded, but funny, Stacey is we of course tried to call her!! lol..No one answered by the way.. So yeah basically my weekend was running over Taco Bell signs and calling hookers!!!
Posted on July 18th, 2007 at 04:03pm


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