*sighs* I have the oddest friends, in some good ways, and some bad ways....

My friend Jerry at least gets in like... 5 fights a week. Mostly with me. I went out with him once, and he hates me for breaking up with him. I can't stand it! He gets so mad and says he hopes i get raped and killed and he hates me and I'm an ugly bitch, then the nexy day he's fine again. I don't get it! He got mad at me for saying the name of a movie he went to go see with his ex when they broke up. AH! And THEN my two best friends, who I would literally die for, started going out (Aly and Haley) and I hated it at first, but then I understood that They loved eachother. I didn't like it because i felt left out because we were always three, then they became two... but a few days ago they broke up... because they never get to see eachother. Haley didn't want to dump her, but she felt she had to. Then I called Aly, and she said she HATED Haley. This is just great isn't it? I hope they had a long talk about it... cause it was awful. I have seven bisexual friends, and 4 friends that have or still do cut themselves. I get called emo just for those things. I hate it... not the bi one... but the cut one.. it sucks. Then one of my friends started burning themselves. They'll try anything. I have smoker friends and coke friends... idk. I'm the really out of place person. I don't do anything with drugs or hurting myself... I find it stupid... and immature.

~~<3 Rachel.
Posted on January 29th, 2007 at 04:17pm


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