Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus- Playstation 2
The game is actually somewhat of a prequel to "Ico". The story is about a young man named Wander who travels to a forbidden land where he, with the help of his horse Agro, struggles against giant creatures called "Colossi" in order to revive a young girl named "Mono". The game never actually tells the relationship of both characters(as well as to why she is dead), whether they be lovers or brother and sister, etc. so it up to the player to decide.
The objective of the game is to slay all 16 Colossi (two of which are actually small, Wander's size from height measurement, yet quite fast than their big brethren but just as dangerous) releasing their "Dormin" spirit, in which the "Dormin" have struck a deal with Wander telling that upon releasing all 16 Dormin spirits Mono will be revived.
The only drawback that keeps the game from scoring a perfect is that it seems a bit repetitive. Find the Colossi, figure out how to slay it, return to the start, find another colossi, slay it as well, return, rinse, repeat. Nothing new, but that doesn't stop it from becoming such a great game.
What is so unique about this game is that it takes place in a vast open area, there are no enemies, just you, Agro and the Colossi and your free to explore(though theirs not much to find), scaling each Colossi is no easy task and this is where the puzzle elements come into play. The whole story is pretty interesting and heartwarming, as well as a few minor unexpected scenes in the game.

Overall- 9 out of a 10

Posted on August 10th, 2007 at 10:05pm


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