We all know how important friends are, they are always there for you when you need them, they are someone to talk to about anything and everything. Well this is my story about how i lost all my friends and how sad i am that i let it happen, i hope you like it.

I have 3 friends that i actually know and one of them is my sister, i have a few frends on gsb who are great but i will probably never meet them sadly. It makes me sound really sad that i only have three friends and it gets me down a lot, but there is a good reason for that, at primary school it was great i had friends and i was sooo happy even when i moved schools it was great, then it got to the last day of primary school and the next time i would see my friends would be at secondary school and some were going to a different schools than me so i knew i may not see them again. I had a few good friends that had already gone off with more popular people than me but my best friends had stayed with me since i got to this school, sadly oe of them ws going to a different school but one was going to the same as me. I thought as long as i was put in a class with at least a few of my friends i would be ok but that didnt happen. They seperated me and my friends up so i had noone, it was then that i found out i was in a class with my ex- best friend who is a bitch as soon as i found this out i was so upset as i knew she would make my life there hell. I then found out that a friend for many years was now best frends with her. I started secondary school and i was right they made my life there hell they really did with the secret giggling at secret jokes i hated it, they would point and laugh at me and make fun of me. I became friends with someone in my class at secondary school who i thought was really nice and i then became part of a small group and i thought it was great until i got insecure about the people who were bulling me i thought they would steal my friends away and it made me a bit obsessive and it annoied my mates a lot. One of them accused ME of bulling and i saw the head teacher who had a go at me for that despite the fact that i didnt do anything and i think it was a way to get rid of me as a friend and we fell out (i have recently found out that the girl who i was good friend with that accused me of bulling fell out with this gang and moved schools), i then made one friend in the entire school and i was put in a class for people that needed extra help and i went there for 3 hours a day as i was being bullied so that i could be given work away from my old class, that didnt work as i had to walk past them every day i left school and i didnt get given much work at all. Then i was expected to go back in to my old class again. This was when i left as i couldnt cope with it anymore. I was then taught at home which sucked as i didnt have friends but it was better than being at school, i then got in touch with some of my friends from primary school as i lost contact with them when i left. we met up a few times but i havent heard from them since so that was a waste of my time.

Im now staying with my sister for a while to help her with her house, i am good mates with ehr despite herbeing a lot older than me, i am also friends with one of her friends and her ex who she lives with at the moment, but can i call these my real friedsn as they are really to do with my sister and not me and they are a lot older than me?

But they are good friends, and im hopeing to go to college work in a car parts department and then hopefully become a mechanic, i have had a few taster days and i did like it but now im not so sure about going to college as ima bit scared!, but i hope i will make more friends and i will be happy again. So i guess i wrote this to say to anyone that has been through this it does and will get better and you can get through it, if you need anyone to talk to pm me anytime. please comment this, i know its short but i didnt want to bore you!/
Posted on August 12th, 2007 at 04:44pm


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