One of my best friends on gsb EVER! nimmie this is for you

Nimmie/ nimrod 1995/ Kirsty! Ok so Kirsty is one of the greatest friends i have ever had in my life, she is kind, caring and is always there for anyone that needs her. She is a great laugh but you can also talk to her about serious things that affect you and she will help. I guess im writing this to let her and any other people that dont already know her that she is one of the best people and friends you could ever know, its so sad that i probably will never get the chance to meet her as she lives quite a long way away from, but taking to her on gsb is awesome and i come on here to talk to her and a few of my other friends and thats really the only reason im still here!. A lot of people will probably agree with me that she is awesome. Im so lucky that she is my friend, so there you go if you arent already friends with her then you are missing out!. Thanks nimmie.x
Posted on August 12th, 2007 at 04:54pm


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