Bring Me The Horizon - Count Your Blessings.

This Band Is My Favourite Right Now; So I’m Making This Blog So That People Might Read This Review And Wanna Buy Their Music.
They’re A Really Good Band In My Opinion.

Anyway, To The Point.

Bring Me The Horizon “ Count Your Blessings.

Pray For Plagues
Being the first track on the disc, obviously it HAD to have some sort of pull on it.
This song DEFFINATELY had just that.
The guitaring is overwhelming; Oliver’s Voice just tops everything off.
Although the drumming isn’t heard much in the first half, it slowly creeps up on you.
The lyrics aren’t discernable but, that’s what every BMTH song sounds like.
I’d give this song about 8/10.
The lack of drumming kinda let it down.

Tell Slater Not To Wash His D***
Ok, This song has an explosive start to it.
Don’t let the out of sync sounding music put you off.
It’s all for good reason, And the fact that Oliver manages to drag his screams out make it even better, along with the growling.
Although the lyrics aren’t really…true to the title so to speak, it’s a good song, but not one of their best.
I love the lyrics ‘I will always love you, But I need pills to sleep’
It gives the sort of feeling the song is trying to put across.
Good Song. Good Length, Good Paced.
I’d give it about a 7/10.

[Braille] For Stevie Wonder’s Eye’s Only
This is my favourite song.
Not because it has my name in the title, But because of the lyrics and the music.
It all fits together perfectly.
It’s one of those songs you’d wanna listen to when you’re down or mad, well, In my case it is.
The lyrics pretty much explain my life right now and all my messed up feelings.
Some snippets of the lyrics are at the top and very bottom of my profile.
This song is AMAZING.
Best I’ve EVER heard, and it’ll probably always be my favourite.
The drumming and guitaring fit perfectly in this song.
Oliver’s vocals are amazing, and it’s actually pretty understandable.
This is probably the best song on the album in my opinion.
I’d give it a 10/10.

A lot Like Vegas
With this song, It all starts instantly, The guitaring, drumming and vocals.
With clean and dirty vocals all the way thru from the guitarist and Oliver, It’s amazing.
The lyrics are goodish, although I wouldn’t call them amazing.
The rifts for this song are pretty calming, I love them.
The fact that they manage to keep up speed but manage to stick with the steady calming feeling is awesome and talented.
Although; A lot of other people would think otherwise, but hey, this is MY review ;]
I’d give this song a 8/10

Black & Blue
This song starts in straight away with a cool rift.
It then moves into the nice ongoing flow of drums and rifts.
The vocals are AMAZING in this song, The lyrics support the vocals beautifully.
The lyrics send a pretty confusing message, But it’s not like it’s still not powerful or emotional to me in any way.
This song hits me pretty hard for some reason, But none the less, It’s amazing.

Slow Dance
This song is pretty calming and smooth and of course, short.
For the type of music from this band anyway, I like the guitaring.
It’s all very synced.
I love it. It’s sort of mesmerising in a way.
There’s no lyrics to this song. But it’s good at any rate.

Liquor & Love Lost
Oh This song, It’s beautiful.
The lyrics are amazingly deep.
Maybe it depends on a persons understanding for feelings, but yeah.
I certainly thought this song was amazingly emotional.
The guitar’s are once again, amazing.
Drums were good, yet a little lacking.
Oliver’s voice makes everything perfect, yet again.
I’d give this song a 8/10.
It’s a little lacking in the ‘make you wanna jump’ effect.
But still amazing.

(I Used To Make Out With) MEDUSA
This song is one of my favourites!
Wonderful drumming and amazing guitars.
I really couldn’t love this song more.
Although the lyrics a slightly whacked.
It’s amazing.
Oliver’s combination of growling and screaming REALLY brought this song up to the ‘amazing’ level.
This is one of those songs you just wanna jump around to.
There’s a few clean vocals in there aswell.
There’s quite a bit of swearing, but it’s all part of the emotion.
This song is BY FAR one of the most amazing songs in the world.
I’d give it a 10/10.
Everything fit’s beautifully in this song, It’s wonderful.

Fifteen Fathoms, Counting
To Be Honest, I Dislike This Song…A LOT.
It’s slow, Boring and dull.
Not one of their best, But it’s calming.
One of those ‘listen before you go to sleep’ songs.
It’s short, Which helps.
It’s beautifully done, But just not my thing at all.

Off The Heezay
I like this song.
Not as much as the others tho.
It’s a good song for the ending track.
The drumming is a little bit more out there in this track, not so behind the guitars.
Oliver’s voice is a little drowned out in this one.
But that makes it all the more better.
His voice is slightly blurred into the guitars. So yeah.
I’d give this song a 6/10.

Personally, I think if you like Metal/Alternative. You’d probably like these guys.
They’re good, VERY Good.
Sometimes their lyrics don’t really have any point to them, but it’s all in the fun.
Unless you listen to a lot of either Death Metal Or screamo, You probably wont be able to understand all the lyrics straight away without flipping thru the little book that comes with the CD.
But after a while it’ll become pretty easy.
To Me, This music is the stuff I’d listen to while doing a quiet activity at school or something, To me, It’s not that heavy.
To some it might be.

Also bear in mind, I’m listening to them on my Ipod, So the sounds are a little stuffed up if I mentioned Anything being messed up majorly, It’s probably because of my AWFUL headphones x]

Anyway, In short…BUY THIS ALBUM D:
Posted on August 12th, 2007 at 05:41pm


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