A Common Occurence Here On GSB.

A blog for your friends here on GSB. Everyone's support system. I'm going to write about mine. Past and present GSBians.
I'll start with the one past GSBian.

Ashlynn - aka Second Solution.
She wasn't a 'popular' GSBian. This was back on old GSB when we met. She made a journal being all 'omg i just got msn and i'm a no0b' So me being me, i added her.
And we got talking. We found we had a lot in common and i found it funny how she called her bass 'Sex'. One thing led to another and her, her brother and I ended up in a group conversation with a few other random people and i got talking with him. Then another thing led to another, and her little brother added me on msn. So i speak with him too. December 29th last year, i met her older brother. I didn't meet Ashlynn due to her only being 14 at the time. And not old enough to catch a train down to Adelaide from Melbourne by herself. So yes, i met him. And we played around in Toys 'R' Us.
Ashlynn and I are extremely close, she listens to me complain, and to my ramblings. Up

Now, current GSBians, in no real order, i wouldn't know what order to put them in.

Isabel - Vegemite
My first real pen pal! We met back on old GSB too. Through the journals, which is always a treat. I'm not sure how we got talking, but we did. I'm pretty sure she added me to MSN and we got talking. We spoke about all sorts of things, mainly Green Day, then it went to The Living End and us going to the same tour. And all sorts of things. Usually now it's about anything under the sun. Mainly her school and why she wants to get out. Which i don't really blame her. Anyone. I love her to bits. Up

Mareh - Fuck_America
God what hasn't she done? She's just rad. Up Second top poster on the board. Only after Be, but she's just impossible to get past. Up We listen to each other ramble. And she made me a Cheech. Which i neglect really. Mareh's trying to get me on the board. But lately i've been neglecting GSB for some reason. But either way. We've had PM's going for ages now. And we've lost so many hours sleep talking to her. She's even pissed me off a few times. But it's worth it. Cos she's rad and i love her. Up Smiley

Kad - Ding Dong Kad
My favourite French person. Up
Well, she lives in France.
But she's been everywhere. If not in person, especially in spirit. She's magic. She just doesn't know it. Our habits have a common occurence of dying, but what we do say to each other has meaning. :] You're a wise Kad. Up And whatever it is you want in your life you'll get one day.

My Harry Potter obsessed friend! Well, and Doctor Who. And you're the awesome one that's good at Fireworks and has a cool Green Day watch. Which i want. But your friends are just awesome by getting it for you. Up We don't talk as much as we used to, but we still get excited when we talk. Me especially. =] We should talk more. And i want you to post more on my forum. if you remember your password that is. But you don't have to if you don't want to. Up Keep obsessing over David Tennant. Well at least i think that's how you spell his name.

and last but not least:

Cherie - Kiss Montana
Fellow Adelaide person. Up We don't really talk. But it is slightly creepy we've been to the same concerts. But never met. I found out you live like a ten minute drive from my house. Up And whenever i've at Woolies i think of you, which is slightly stalkerish. But it's only the Salisbury one. And when i was at the Hollywood one the other night i forgot i was at that one and thought i was at the Salisbury one and wondered if you were working. xD So yes, slightly stupid of me. But yeah. You're still awesome. Up

Well these people are awesome to me. And mean heaps to me. my GSB friends. Up
ily all.

Posted on August 21st, 2007 at 11:00am


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