I'm such a different person now.

This blog is on my MySpace;;

my life has taken a completely new turn, for the better! =D

I broke up with my girlfriend out of my own free will,
and trust me, that's fucking courageous for me ^_^
My 2 best mates are rly proud of me, and it feels good being independant again (Y)

I lost my bestest friend.
She was incredibly selfishand i just never saw it like that.
Now she's cut me out of my life and i don't miss her a single bit.
Actually, i feel a bit sick when i think of her, no lies.
So i'm glad i'm rid of her.
She was pulling me down with her.

I found something new to spill my heart into -- McFLY.
These boys are amazing and incredibly and make my world so much brighter.
I'm glad i have a purpose now, them.
They'll never know how much i need them right now.

I realised who my friends are; the ones who never leave my side.
Alanna; who's been superglued to my side from the beginning, and i was too selfish to realise.
She's actually changed my world and i rly can't face a day without her.
Liz; my soul mate. She knows me through and through and in the end, we always come running back to each other.

And also, i've met everyone i want to meet,
so now i don't feel like i have anything to prove to ANYONE anymore.
And srsly, it's SUCH a great feeling ^_^
I don't spend HOURS of my day making sure i don't do something that might look decieving to someone.
I'm showing who i rly am inside and it's wonderful ^_^

I've come to a conclusion i'm not having anything long distance anymore; except for Liz.
But no relationships, because it's just a waste.
A few words don't exactly mean much in the long run, pssh.

So i'm taking a new path,
with my head held high,
with the greatest people i know by my side.
And i feel fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.


I feel exactly like that, obviously.

Such i've shed all the bad crap in my life,
the stuff weighing me down,
and now i'm starting fresh.

I'm also stopped throwing up my food (Y)
And sort of cutting.
But today i was trying to cut over my old tattoo scar of my girlfriend's name.
It didn't work.
So i have to keep trying.
It's so painful -- talk about regrets!

Thanks for listening (:
Anybody recently, or ever, had a time in their life where they just started completely new?
Posted on August 24th, 2007 at 10:21am


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