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So today you're 50. And I'm excited as if it were my own birthday today. My feelings for you cant even be uttered in words, but mostly all these emotional extravagances cant. From the moment I have heard about you my life has changed a lot, for the better. Thank you a lot.

Happy birthday Stephen Fry. ILYSM.

You never fail to make me giggle and laugh; and that is of extreme importance to me because I had stopped doing it some time ago. Your comedy performances are amazing, but you can still be a great drama actor. Your books are fantastic, you should really get more credit. Your autobiography made me happy and sad; basically it changed a lot how I felt and thought about certain things. I sympathized with you and I felt really bad reading about the problems you had; though I could also find a solution for myself since I have them too. I have a serious crush on your voice and there probably isn't a better person to read the Harry Potter books than you are. I admire your work a lot and it helped a lot of people. You talk about your problems and you are so strong about it all. Your documentary helped me a lot, I understood some things a lot more. But the thing that I absolutely adore about you is that, even though you are so manically intelligent, you seem like this down to Earth, shy person. I love your language skills and your long sentences, and you sparked my love for it too. Every time I watch QI I want to read something and become this uber-brainy-walking-encyclopedia person just like you. You are my inspiration.

People had an always will have various heroes, ideals and inspirations; models, musicians, actors, writers... And I have you. Unnecessary tall, chubby and gay. But I couldn't care less.
Posted on August 24th, 2007 at 01:34pm


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