You may remember a few months ago I posted a blog asking people to do my survey for an assessment I had for IPT. Where I had to make an information system connecting to a database. You can see it here (That's not the final version of course. I don't think I was bothered to upload the final one.) I also asked Kurtni a few questions and she was kind enough to take the time to answer them for me.

Well, today I got my marks back for that assessment. I got 106/110. Which is 96%. I don't know how that works with the A+ and C's and B's. In Australia we don't use that much. So overall I did really really well. I got full marks for the actual product (what you'll see if you click the link) and the documentation to go with it, I only lost 4 marks. Those 4 marks I lost were to do with the testing of the system and the implementation method.

I did get full marks in the section of which you lovely GSBians helped me with. The results from the survey I conducted on here were put into my Project Plan as was the interview I had with Kurtni. And I got full marks for my Project Plan.

So, I just want to say a big THANK YOU to anybody who completed by survey and helped me out by giving evaluations of it. You all rock. And I couldn't have gotten the mark I did without your help.
Posted on August 31st, 2007 at 09:43am


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