Plot Bunny Infestation

Okay, so I'm a writer. We all knew that already.
I've been uninspired for a really long time. I stopped writing almost everything except for my poetry. It's been a suckfest. Well, the other day, I found an idea. WHAM! Peice 'o' cake. Except for the fact that it's one of those Plot-Bunnies that doesn't really form into a big idea, it just keeps reproducing and mulltiplying into little ideas about it like we know rabbits do. O_o. I have it sort of planned out, and I suppose that I'm just incubating, but I feel like I need to write this but I can't think of a way to start or a way to add things. This is what I have

-It's a vampire story. And it's a romance.
(It's a little cliche, but it's supposed to be, so bear with me)
-Girl is vampire.
-Girl moves to new highschool.
-Girl meets boy.
(Cliche, yes, I know)
-She falls in love. But she doesn't want to, of course.

Main conflict-
-She is in trouble.
^She is being hunted and is wanted to be killed by her old foster family, the evil family that raised her.
^The evil vampire foster family wants to try and bite as many humans so basically they can take over the world and be united as one.
-The Girl has to then tell the boy that she is a vampire.

Boy's Conflict-
-He doesn't know if he can love a vampire.
He debates wether he can still love her.

-He says that he loves her, will always love her and will die for her.
-He threatens to become a vampire if it means saving her.
-The evil foster family tracks Guy down.
-They kidnap him.
-She has to save him.

-The bad guys end up capturing both of them.
-DRAMATIC MOMENT- The bad guys torture her and try to force her to bite him.
-UNDECIDED TWIST-She does bite him.

Okay, so this is all I have so far. I've never written anything like this before.
If you have anything you would like to point out, add, or subtract, please say something.
I guess right now I'm sort of begging for a way to start it because I know that once I start, it will go very smoothly.
I also need names. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I was thinking something that is kind of dark and maybe medievile-type-italian-type name for the girl because she was raised by an evil vampire family.
Something plain and modern for the guy.

Please? I beg of you! Help!

Posted on October 24th, 2007 at 02:33am


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