Ghost "poem"

I am not the one you seek,
For I am just a blur in a picture.
I only consist of shadows and tears.
Who am I to say that you should stay?
I am nothing. I'm only a blur.
Nothing you say can bring me back into focus.
I'll sleep knowing this.
Looking forward for the next day.
Lonely feelings make my head tumble across the floor.
Previous nights make my head groggy.
Resting on that one final thought before I sleep.
Envy is not in my nature.
Various other feelings are.
Against my will, I'll stay.
Irony gets annoying..
Longing to leave, but I promise I'll stay.

But, only for tonight.
Just remember I'm only a blur in the photograph hanging on the wall.
I am just a figment of your lonely imagination.
I am a Ghost.

it's random. I guess. I made up the first stanza on yahoo and wanted to finish it.
Comment please.

ps. notice it spells "If I Win i Will Prevail"
I didn't mean to spell that out. It just ended up that way. Ben pointed that out.
Posted on November 5th, 2007 at 08:15pm


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