Hi guys,
this marking period i failed two classes, spanish and math. in all the rest of my classes i got a D in.

(thos classes are:
reading and writng
world history
gym (yea i almost failed gym its becuase i forgot my clothes)
and science)

and i am really worried, i want to go to vocational school for art, becuase i want to be involved in art, and be an artist when i grow up (more-so) and go to the school of visual arts when i grow up. but my problem is that im afraid if i dont get into votech then i wont get into School of Visual Arts. and then I wont have a good career. And ill just have a bad life.
and its all becuse i dont pay attention, but i cant help it.. i mean i am trying now, but i worry so much over things and i have my mind on things and i cant take it off. im stuck
i need help.

someone please, help me.
Posted on December 2nd, 2007 at 05:03am


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