Okay, it's very, very rare that my serious side ever comes out. But I want to take a moment to recognize some people.

+ My mothers old boyfriend in Alabama who struggled with a crack addiction. He was homeless but had problems with his mom and was forced to live in the Salvation Army. Sometimes he slept in my mom's car. Regular people looked down on him, but he was the nicest most selfless person ANYONE could EVER meet. He was always incredibly nice to my sister and I and we became very close. But, unfortunately, he had his fair share of problems and was unable to find work. After 2 years in AL, my mom, my sister and I moved back to Texas. I'll never forget the day we heard he had committed suicide. That's the first time I ever felt what it was like to lose something it seemed impossible to lose. I hope he found happiness.

+ A guy I didn't know. A man named Robert who lived down the street from my Dad. He too struggled with a crack addiction and hung himself in his shed. He left behind a beautiful daughter and a mother who loved him very much. His mom leaves the porch llight on at his house every night. I hope he finds rest and is able to watch over his daughter. And I hope his daughter becomes stronger from this and is able to overcome it.

+ Granny. When I was little I was pretty close to Granny but as I got older we visited Coalwood less and less and she passed away November of 2004. She was a very religious, spiritual, and beautiful person and she worked hard for her 11 children all her life, even though she lost 2. I hope she rests in peace.

Death and addiction are very sad things. But I have my own way of dealing with things and I just want everybody to know who these people were. I hope everybody who knew these beautiful people find their closure.
Posted on December 9th, 2007 at 07:01pm


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