The only thing the Christian Science Monitor, NPR, CBS, BBC, and My Mom all agree with.

So... you want to change the world. Make a difference. Actually do something, instead of being a useless rut in some crappy suburbia somewhere. is your website.

an offshoot of, this website is revolutionary as well as highly educational and useful. It's quite simple. You click onto the website and it automatially gives you a word, then 4 possible synonyms, one being correct. Click the correct answer and the website makes a donation of 20 grains of rice to the world food bank. You can play as many times as you want, and are not penalized for incorrect answers.

This website is a win-win situation. Some starving kids get some lovely rice and you, yes the chairtable amazing you, gets something out of it too(and for free! imagine that!) The words given to you are based on your vocabulary level. The goal is to teach you new words. This is an great tool for students, lawyers. mommy's, grandpa's, janitors, trashmen, and yes, ice cream men alike. It's espcecially nice because it automatically adjusts the level of the game to give you words within (or near) your vocabulary range. These worlds actually do help too. Some words are SAT words (I know from expericance...), while others often come up in literature, or will just make you sound smart at those parties that you will one day get invited to (you know the type, with the snooty graduate students and overachievers. just use some of your freerice vocab and you will have them mezmerized by your steller vocability. don't use the word vocability though, I just invented it.)

Why doesn't the organization just send all the rice to the food bank and skip this clever little game. Well they aren't just basking in pools of rice anxiously awaiting for someone to click the right answer. Then, quite tearful, they take a tiny spoon and count out 20 grains and put them in a tiny pile and wait for the next right answer. Though this scene does seem a bit amusing it's not true. The 20 grains are paid for by sponsors which are on the bottom of the screen (including such fan favorites as google, itunes, orbitz and about a billion others). This is quite clever, because what company would say "no I don't want to help the starving African children." That's just wrong.

I know, wow that sounds amazing. But will people actually do this? Well, yes. In fact you probably know a handfull of people who do contribute daily. Yesterday 105,156,300 grains were collected, and that was on Christmas! The website has been running since October 7, 2007 and there has already been 11,470,275,730 grains collected! Bravo people. Now peer-pressure all your friends into doing it too.

Now the naysayers out there are going to say things like, "well it's great that we're helping starving children, but by feeding them won't help. It's only a temporary solution to a long term problem." And I am the first to say I agree with that. For the moment this is a great temporary solution to the poverty in Afrcia. There are many things you can do, and I urge you to check them out on or think up some on your own.

here's the website again in case your lazy or the little scrolly wheel on your mouse is broken (which is always a bummer).

thanks to and for the statistics =)
Posted on December 26th, 2007 at 11:42pm


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