I am a total Guitar Hero III Junkie + Other stuff.

[1] So, I'm really guitarded and I can only play on Easy mode but still... GH 3 rocks! I love it so much, haha. When I beat Slash I was all happy 'n stuff. But I do have to admit that when it comes to hammer-ons, I have a helluva lot of trouble. x_x I tried playing that one Slipknot song in Japan and the hammer-ons made me mess up big time. My favorite song on there is probably Hit Me With Your Best Shot. No, not because it's easy but because Pat Benatar is like... God. And it's just a really good song.

[2] I woke up and my piercing was still sore and a little moreso, but I think the swelling actually went down! For the past two days it looked like the piercer messed up and put it to the side. I was mega-disappointed. But today my mother said that it actually looks like it's in the center! And I'm happy about that because if it wasn't, I'd be really unlucky. Why can't I ever get a break when it comes to piercings? e_e I have sensitive skin and it sucks.

[3] If Tokio Hotel doesn't get their cute little ~*~Deutsch~*~ booties to the states, I'll freak out. January 12th is my one year anniversary of listening to them! =D They're an awesome band, and I love all the members equally. Bill's voice is amazing, Tom is a great guitarist, Georg's bass lines rule and Gustav inspires me to learn how to play the drums. Not to mention that even though half of their fandom is insane squealing girls, the other half is fantastic. We have so many inside jokes and we just have a lot of fun caring for our boys. ♥
Posted on December 31st, 2007 at 06:06pm


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