07, What Did It Mean To Me?

Wow, I can't believe 2007 is over, or almost is. So much has happened. I've had my heart shattered. Then I had people help me glue it all back together.

Alrighty so here I go. This year in January the 24 ( a month to the day from my birthday ) I lost a friend of my family. He was lost to cancer. Can you believe a month exactly. So my family worked at getting us through that.
Febuary 14 rolled around. Everyone is usually all happy bout that. I remembered loosing my uncle on that day. Further down the line I celebrated my birthday, I turned 14. Ahh yess around my birthday I was dating Cory Rafuse. The biggest mistake of my life. I actually thought that me and him could last. He treated me good most of the time. He quit drugs for me. Then he cheated on me. After three months or so together he broke up with me through an Email. Of course I was crushed and hurt. I had my friends though. They deffinitly helped me through it.

Alright let's skip down the road to summer. Wow, that hold some of the most amazing memories I have! Well it is tradition for My father and I to go to Nova Scotia ( Cape Breton Island ) every year. Well this year he brought his GF her brother, sister - in - law and neiece. Their all from Switzerland so it wasn't easy to talk to them. Well, while we were there camping in this campground I met this amazing person. He's the reason my vacation there was so good. We shot pool for hours. His name is Josh. We had alot of fun and I am definitly missing hm at the moment. ( L )
Well through my summer I also got to hang out with my cousin who is in the millitary. We had a lot of fun. Got to know eachother better.

Then rolled in September wow, highschool. I thought I'd go in and have all my friends. Well I actually ended up loosing some of them and school made it hard to be with my other friends. It's starting to seperate us all. And were gaining distance, or we're maturing I'm not sure which. Anyways. Highschool has showed me who my TRUE friends are and I'm thankfull actually.
Highschool also brought my guidence councellor. Ahha I have that many issues and my days get that fucked up I see her everyday. We all of issues.

Now most recentally, actually two weeks ago now. My uncle died. He lived with my family only rented out the basement. He was an alcoholic. I cried for days. To my friends, to anyone that would listen to my sob story. Finally I couldn't cry anymore. There were no more tears there to cry. Thanks to my friends I got through that and at the moment I am copying. . .better?

Hmm Christmas. To start it off my parents are divorced. Then, when I went with my dad my cousin was there. The one who is in the millitary. It turned into this big thing cause my dad is an overprotective freak. Thinking my cousin was looking at me as more that JUST a cousin. Which of course sent me into a frenzy of anger.

And so you see 07 has been both very terrible and somewhat fair to me. I have learned from the pain. And it has all made me stronger. I have lost and gained friends. I have lost family. And I have become closer with family. People have worse and better stories than mine, but this is mine and I keep adding chapter. So this is me ending this chapter and looking forward to how the next one ends up being written.
Posted on December 31st, 2007 at 11:20pm


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