Super "Freaking Awesome Fun" Mario Galaxy

By the way, its not called that incase you were wondering and live under a rock! Razz

Super Mario Galaxy! -Wii

The story so far...
Mario is on his way to Peach's castle for the celebration of the comets passing over when suddenly bowser rips the Mushroom Kingdom's castle from the ground taking peach along with it, but this time not to a faraway land or island, but in space(as the title states) Mario rushes to the rescue to save his damsel in distress and along the way he is allied by star-creatures called "Lumas" as well as a woman named "Rosalina" who tells him that Bowser has stolen the "Power Stars" and "Grand Stars" and its up to Mario to restore the Galaxy!

Lets Rate It...
The controls and gameplay- easy to pick up, nothing too complex or hard to handle. Nothing much to say about the controls, although it doesn't really use fancy or interesting Wii related motion controls other than things such as aiming but at the same time nothing to make it boring! If you want an even more enjoyable experience bring a friend to play second player! Yes! Second player, for the first time ever in the main "Mario" series a second player can play simultaneously rather than taking turns.(Though second player doesn't sound like much, I actually had a good time playing 2nd-player with my buddy in this game.) They really don't have to do much other than collect stars for you and shoot them at enemies as well, you can also help Mario in the game as well such as holding object for him to hit or helping him jump higher!

The graphics and story...
...are pretty much simple, nothing too flashy or amazing, but its nothing bland or plain either. No complaints here!

In the End...
...the game is well done. A fantastic platforming/adventuring experience, the only major complaint I had is the camera can sometimes get tweaky but not enough to screw you up, yet its another reason to get a Wii...and if you beat the game with the right requirements you get to play as luigi, just a little fact to add in there for ya!

9.7 out of a 10
Posted on January 10th, 2008 at 04:03pm


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