What Did I Do Wrong?

This blog is more for my own benefit than any of yours. This blog is a blog that you don't have to read. This blog is to help me contemplate and put my thoughts together.

August 2007 - Band Camp
Another year, another band camp. I had two very best friends: Heather and Morgan. I had a great family. I had a great life. What more could I ask for?

That's when I met Heather's brother, Ryan. I had seen him the previous year (my freshman year in high school and his sophomore). But I never really talked to him. He dated my friend Kara, but other than that, I really knew nothing about him.

I started liking this guy Aaron, who was Ryan's best friend. Once nothing really happened between me and Aaron, I heard Ryan thought I was cute. So we started talking and we both ended up totally falling for each other.

We were totally head over heels with each other. We'd talk everyday. We'd hold hands and cuddle any chance we got, even though we weren't officially dating. We'd go bowling and to the movies. He'd come to my tennis matches and watch my play.

Then, Morgan started liking Ryan. Let me tell you a little bit about Morgan. The summer before last, she stole a boyfriend from me. Later that year, she tried to steal Heather's boyfriend from her. And so on and so forth. I thought little about it, considering we had decided we'd never let it happen again. I wasn't worried because I knew Ryan was mine.

Ryan asked me to be his homecoming date and of course I said yes. But homecoming night, I found out he wanted to ask me out. I wasn't ready for it yet (even though now, over 3 months later, I realized I was). So I told Heather to tell him not to ask.

After homecoming night our relationship kinda whined down. We didn't hang out as often. Then one Friday night, he and Morgan went to someone's house and cuddled and kissed and stuff. (Note that I didn't find this out until a week later). The next day Morgan and I got in a car accident and I went to the hospital. Morgan spent the day with Ryan, and apparently they were all over each other.

I found out about them being all over each other that night. I asked Ryan about it and he confirmed. I asked Heather about it and she confirmed. I asked my friend Dustin about it and he confirmed. I asked Morgan about it and she denied.

I couldn't trust her anymore. She was no longer my friend. I have hardly talked to her since. Since then, her and Ryan have been dating 3+ months.

Tell me, what did I do wrong? Besides wanting to take it a little slower?
Posted on January 12th, 2008 at 07:33pm


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