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Victoria. My name reminds me of some blond, long legged goddess

stretched on a towel, lying on the beach. I suppose I like the beach alright, and

towels are nice, but the rest of it doesn’t really hit the mark. My mom said she

wanted a “good, solid name,” but to me, my name seems like mist- light, airy,

graceful, and fleeting. My friends have replaced Victoria with my last name, H******. It

shuffles, it’s weirder, and it’s thicker on your tongue. More like me.

My middle name, Lythe, is a different story. It makes me think of a leaf in

early spring, when they’re just beginning to grow and are very dark green and still

have a silvery sheen around the edge. My great-grandmother had it, and so did my

mom, and if I have a girl, she’s going to get it, too. It’s like those old, worn things that

have been in your family for ages and you must never, ever lose.

I don’t know that my first or middle name suit me so well, but like my

brother’s old sweaters, I’ve always liked things that don’t fit.
Posted on January 15th, 2008 at 06:36pm


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