I'm Sorry.

This blog is really for my own reference. Ignore if you would like.

I'm sorry for hurting you, the way I did. I'm sorry for being selfish. I'm sorry I'm self-absorbed. I'm sorry that I don't care. I'm sorry I don't pay attention. I'm sorry I'm not the perfect daughter. I'm sorry I'm a terrible person. I'm sorry I did this. I'm sorry for all the times I may have hurt you. I'm sorry I took your love for granted. I'm sorry I cried. I'm sorry I bugged you. I'm sorry I took your place. I'm sorry I took our friendship for granted. I'm sorry I'm a bad catholic. I'm sorry for all the times I've lied. I'm sorry for the secrets I kept. I'm sorry I make fun of you. I'm sorry I'm a bad friend. I'm sorry for not letting it out. I'm sorry for complaining. I'm sorry for being stupid. I'm sorry, I didn't mean it. I'm sorry for the past, and I'm sorry for the future. I'm sorry for what I've done, and what I will do.
I can't turn back the clock, and I can't change what I've done.

Everything I do, I probably hurt someone. I lie, almost daily. I'm so accustomed to the lies I tell. I'm a terrible person, and I use people, and I abuse the fact that I can. I take for granted everything and everyone around me, which makes me sad, which leads to me being a more terrible person.
I understand how people hate me, but I don't understand how the people around me cannot. Like, there's people that should HATE me with their whole being. and they don't. I don't particularly understand anything.

At this point in time, I'm not too sure what's wrong with me. I feel like everything I do gets backfired. Like, I try to be happy, that doesn't work, the only person that makes me truly happy, broke my heart. I have a doctors appointment on Thursday, on the bright side of things. The things I usually do, are totally stuff that bug me now. Computer/internet being one of them.

I'm sorry, if I've ever hurt you, or if I've ever done something / said something mean to you.

This blog is about nothing, its for me to put down all my thoughts, because its "the healthy thing to do".

Thank you for reading it if you did...

bolded are for a certain friend of mine..
I'm sorry. D:
Posted on January 22nd, 2008 at 07:35pm


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