Why I hate graduation

So basically the only reason I will be walking is because it means a lot to my mother to see me walk. "But Emma," one might ask, "don't you think walking will be an act you will cherish and remember for the rest of your life?"...No. I don't. I have been to two South graduations that's quite enough.

..."But...why?" (said while tears form)

Because it's bull. Simple as that. It will be just like the other two graduations...cept for the fact that I will now be wearing the cult-esque cap and gown. Our class officers will come up on the podium and open their mouths only to cover the entire Soverign Bank with feces. They will speak about how much everyone in the class loves eachother and cares about each other. They will tell stories of our outlasting school spirit, and how well we all got along at Disney. Simplified, they'll tell lies. They'll try to justify the fact that they just were forced to spend 4 years in one place with the same 400 people.

I don't need pictures of myself in a green robe to prove I went to high school. I have the emotional scars for that.

I may be hated for what I'm about to say (mainly by my classmates) but I really don't care. Not everyone loves each other.That's my first point. I cannot wait to get out of this district. Yes, there will be a few people I'll miss; but the rest I can take or leave. I don't feel a bond to the class of '08. It's a relationship I was forced into...and I'm not happy about that. I've had to pretend that everyone I meet, I like, for the past 3 (soon to be 4) years, and I will continue to do so just because that's my personality.

My next point is that school spirit is very, very stupid. I'm not saying it's bad to root for a sports team...I root for South football because I've spent a season and a half taking pictures of the games and riding the bus with the players to all their games. I like most of the players, and I like the coaches. So I root for the team. I do not root for the team because it is my school's team. School spirit is retarded. I don't feel connected to a school I'm forced to attend. It makes me sick to see all of my schoolmates jumping around in their green and gold yelling things they percieve cool like, "Nuck Forth.", or "Whose Socks Are These? North's Socks". On the other side I think that North is just as stupid. Why root for a school that is laced with coke-heads?

This next portion may not seem to fit. That's because it probably should have gone in the paragraph where I discuss my disdain for most of my classmates. I just wanna take the time to say that I do not drink. No, I don't think I'm better then others because of that; and no, I don't think it's necessarily wrong. I just hate..and I mean HATE the kids who only talk about how drunk they get or got. (When I say hate...I mean it...if you can love something will all your heart, then you can hate with all your heart as well). It isn't cool. I believe life stages work like this:

1. Infancy - spitting up, crapping yourself, depending on others.

2. Childhood - Still depending on others, less of the gross stuff.

*let's skip a bit*

3. Adulthood - Hopefully no longer depending on others.

4. Old age (close to death) - spitting up, crapping yourself, depending on others.

We grow up only for our bodies to get younger. What I've seen from those "cool" kids while they're drunk is they sort of miss the middle years and go from being a teenager to being a senior citizen. No girl is attractive when she is drunk. No guy is cool when he is drunk. I've seen people with DS who look more normal then drunks. If I hear one more person tell me how sweet their weekend was because they don't remember it...I'm gonna...write another blog. "But Emma! Drinking makes me feel so good! I'm always happy when I drink." Really? Artificial happiness? Sweet! Except not. I know girls who are my age who go to Rutgers parties to get drunk. I don't have a problem with that...except they never shut up about it.
That's all for now.
Posted on February 10th, 2007 at 11:57pm


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