From First To Last.


Does anyone recognize this band? The lineups changed more than a couple of times, but the most recent one is here to stay.

They're From First To Last, but they're more than just a band from Florida. They're my heroes, my friends, my family. They aren't technically family, but I think anyone would know what get my point.

Let's go back a few years. I first heard of them when they were opening up for a band I was going to see. I met Matt by the merch, and since almost everyone knows my mom works for a radio station, my mom asked for an interview. He laughed it off, but still took a picture with me. Later on during the night, I met the rest. I don't think they liked me back then, I was a short ugly weird freak with terrible hair.

I met them again almost two years ago, back in November of 2006. They were playing Amos' Southend, in Charlotte. I begged my mom to take me, even though it was a Tuesday. She finally gave in, and bought me tickets the day before the show. We met them all again, and Travis remembered me ["Oh! You were that girl we met that Matt introduced us to! Your mom was trying to set up an interview, right?"]. I felt really special, having someone I met nearly 2 years beforehand remembering me. I met Ricky, and he was incredibly sweet. I fell in like with him. There I was, a pathetic kid flirting with an adult. He kept laughing at me, when I stumbled over my words when I tried to impress him. The show was incredible. My mom pushed me to second row, and after the show when I'd lost her, Matt redirected me to the merch where she was talking with Ricky.

I missed them every other time when they played here. But last summer, my friend and her parents were in Vegas. They stayed in the same hotel as them, and ended up meeting in an elevator. They ended up being a few doors down from her, and then hung out at the casino. I can't thank my mom enough for knowing Steve and Julie.

And when they played Ziggy's in August, my mom took me. Steve, Julie, and Steph were on the guest list. It was a scorchingly hot night. I was pretty close for Four Year Strong, who I loathe, and I saw Travis looking around. He didn't see me. Oh noes. And then we met up with the Pooles, and hung out for awhile during Vanna. When Alesana came on, we decided that just because it would be an amazing gig for them [they're from here], we'd go watch them. Afterwards, we made it to second row [I have a thing with 2nd row during FFTL, obv]. The show was amazing, I was jumping and sweating. Travis poured his water on us. We both opened our mouths [lol] and it was the sweetest water ever. Maybe it's because it's Travis'. Or maybe it's because we were parched and hot and all that summer stuff. I ignored the guy ramming his ass into me, but the pit got too intense for Stephanie. She took my hand and led me out, and we watched the rest of the show from the second level.

Afterwards, we went out back to hang out with them. We first met with Derek, who gave Stephanie a big hug. He said hey to me, so I just stood around waiting for them to finish talking. Then we talked to Travis, and then Manning. Manning hugged Steph too, and then we went back to my car to grab my bag. I got them to sign it, and then we waited around for awhile. We met Lauren and petted Elric [who didn't like me]. My mom, while we were out back talking with the rest of the guys, got Matt to sign my guitar. After awhile, she came out and started having an intense conversation with Manning. I stood around for awhile with Steph, and then we got pictures and stuff. And then, it was time to meet Matt. At the time, I had been completely head over heels for him. I said stupid things to him, like "I hope you don't think I'm a teenie for writing your name all over my guitar" etc. We got like 30 pictures with him, and then we hugged him because it was nearing 1 am, and left.

I'm so lucky to have such amazing friends. I'm really lucky, just happening to have a mom who's worked at a radio station with tons of people. Just happening to be that one girl who's friends with From First To Last. I miss them. ]:

Pictures. Except for the totally undecent ones from 2004.
The show! ;D my mom took all of these.
Possessed manning.
The guy in mid jump with his fist in the air was the one humping mee. D:
Matt is a retard.
With the bannnddd.
Ignore me looking like a stoner.
Ignore the darkness. I didn't know Manning was there so I was like wtf. He smelled like cigarettes.
Matt is hot. Literally.
Steph's mom makes this picture amazing.
Manning and Steph's mom.
Stalker picture of Ricky! hahahaha I still love him.
Idk what Steph OR her mom are doing don't ask.
Teenie guitar.

Video of manning being a tard.
The girl in the white shirt at the beginning is my mom. ex dee.

Posted on January 27th, 2008 at 12:17pm


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