The Dollhouse Suite - 1st Movement (Poems)


The twist of fate that turns the night
from gentle haven to ghastly fright
the life that longs for more than hope
is the one that always fails to cope

While many love and live in bliss
they're oblivious to the ones that miss
for life itself can be a godly gift
but can also be a frozen kiss

While some live in hurt and fear
with none they hold true here
others have memories glorious and old
and treasure family, precious as gold

But as we've learnt from many years
the hand of fate shows many fears
as cold as ice, as dark as night
people fear it, of its might

But no life can have to flesh
until something makes it start afresh
with many men growing old and weary
and with lives, dark and dreary

The hand of fate may be cold
but can affect the young and old
a twisted beauty, a faigned attraction
a man can wish for it a fraction


The Heart

A life has many useful ways
to interest people, or so they says
while some fear its dark attraction
some fill theirs with spark and action

Why do people love and loss
some hearts warm, some hearts frost
while some treat hearts like wrapping paper
first its true, then 'see you later'

While romance has its ups and downs
with ecstacy highs and sickning frowns
a true sense of having self
is what keeps it from becoming hell

Some love's forever, some loves lost
and some do truly pay the cost
but unrequited love hurts the most
haunting one always like a ghost

but one day love always wins
with all its twist and turns and spins
so no matter what lies ahead
love will win, no matter whats said.


Posted on January 29th, 2008 at 05:06pm


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