The Meaning of Life

It is difficult to mention one exact thing that would give my life meaning and

impossible to pinpoint something that would give meaning to everyone. This feeling of

uncertainty forces me to conclude that there must be multiple factors, perhaps a

different one for each person. I cannot say, after hardly having experienced the world

at all, that there is one goal that I passionately feel compelled to reach. However, I do

know that I feel most at peace, most complete, when I have just broken

through to something, or someone. It is frightening, but incredible, to touch

someone’s consciousness, to almost be able to feel their tendrils of thought and they

to feel mine.

Even more incredible is to know that not only can you understand one

another, but that these tendrils begin to intertwine and develop to become something

that is neither this way nor that, but a mixture of both. The ability to create a hybrid

thought or idea is exciting; it is this connection- not only from one human to another,

but even from human to nature. The ability to truly understand something is so fragile,

so precious and subtle that few seem to appreciate or even notice it.

If there is one meaning that applies to a single person or all of us, the only

thing I feel sure of is that it results from a connection.
Posted on January 30th, 2008 at 10:04pm


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