Two Years Ago Today ( Febuary 14 )

Two years agot day. Wow. I can't believe so long has past already. Two years ago an amazing man died. A man I was so greatful to have in my life. A man I was honoured to call Family. . .To call Uncle Wiss.
I'm not entirly sure what happened. I just know it did. I remember sitting on the couch and the phone ringing. It wasn't a number I knew, although I picked it up anyways. The gentlemen on the line asked for my mother. So I handed her the phone, and watched her face. Don't you just HATE listening to one ended conversations?
Mom:Oh My God!
Mom:Well, we did know his health was going.
Mom:*sigh*Give our regards to Yvonne.

At Yvonne I cringed and then bit my lip. That was my Aunt, uncle wiss' wife. I could only hope for the best in a situation I knew would be the worst. Mom hung up the phone, and turned to me. And said the words I will never forget.
"Angel, Uncle Wiss. . .He passed away at 7PM tonight."
I looked at the clock and it was 7:30. My heart sank and then the tears started to fall. One by one, then in floods. I could NOT believe it. At all!
So many memories flooded through my head and past my eyes. I remembered standing as a small child, on his tummy ( he was a big man ) and making hand prints all over his mirrors. I remembered him playing the organ for me. And me being so content to just. . .sit and listen. Going to his and Aunt Yvonnes store, and him measuring me, how much taller I had gotten.
Thats when I realised I would NEVER get the chance to make new ones. That night, I sat in my room with a solitary picture. I was only a couple months old. I had fallen asleep on Uncle Wiss' tummy. He was leening back in his favourit chair. And that smile and his eyes. Both so warm. I cried myself to sleep.

Now. . .I am a Catholic. Last year in grade 8. I was confirmed. I was asked to choose a saints name to be confirmed in. So. . .I was looking through names when an Idea poped into my head. I would choose Saint Valentine of the 14. That is when my uncle died. Febuary 14, Valetines Day. So as I was reserching my Saint I came across an intersting fact. A symbol the represents Saint Valentine is a rose. What was so interesting about this was that Rose is my middle name.
As much as I miss him, it is as though it was meant to be. And now being confirmed and having that special little bond. I know Uncle Wiss is with me. I know he was at confermation and graduation. I know even now he is probally laughing at the things I still remember at 14 from what I did as a child.

So this is for Uncle Wiss. One of the most prized people I had in my life. He will forever be with me. I hope he is rested and waiting for me in Heaven, cause when I get there I'm going to be ready to put somemore handprints on some more mirrors.

Angel Rose Valentine.

Posted on February 14th, 2008 at 09:51pm


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