Starlets Posing Nude

I recently saw that Lindsay Lohan posed nude in New York magazine to recreate a Marilyn Monroe photoshoot. Now while I'm all for being artistic, I think posing nude in any magazine is simply crossing the line.

More and more starlets today are baring all for photoshoots. To me, that sends such a terrible message out to girls, because isn't posing nude in a magazine, in fact, selling your body? It seems as though nothing is sacred to these Hollywood girls anymore. Call me a prude, but I believe that your body is for you and the person you love to see. Not the whole world. Whether a girl posing for Playboy or New York magazine, they're exposing the only private thing they have left. Young girls are looking up to these stars. I wouldn't want my goddaughter thinking it's okay to give the world your body to see. I don't know - maybe I'm overreacting, but I think it's so inappropriate to do something of that fashion when you have many tweens and teens respecting you.

These days, stars have no privacy, and that's a shame. But when they start exposing the only thing we haven't seen yet, it makes me feel not quite so bad for them anymore.

By Poette
Posted on February 19th, 2008 at 08:04pm


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