A Writing Contest!

It’s a Writing Contest!

This is something that I’ve been thinking about for a while, and I’ve decided to put this up for the GSBians.

This Contest is going to be brought on as professional, but that doesn’t give anyone a reason to be intimidated.

Your Assignment::

The challenge:

--Writing a fictional story.
Sound easy? Maybe. But here’s the details.

----It must contain either one or more of these themes= homosexuality, teen pregnancy, drug use, or issue that tends to grab attention to teens from a bad view. OR, on a much lighter note, love, a romantic plot (your choice), a Romeo-Juliet modern allusion, or a happy or cheerful-set story. (<This is for those who feel better or stronger writing a fluffy or happier story.)

The Rules

[[The Easy Rules First]]
--Preferably a one-shot or short story.
--Also preferred that it is not already posted somewhere.
--Cannot be a fanfiction. Sorry, but if this all works out, I’ll do a fanfiction contest.
--Any Rating. Recommended at a PG-13, though.
--It has to make sense. It can’t be one of those stories that skip around and it never adds up.
--Grammar, spelling, and punctuation-correct. Must be reasonably professional.

[[The Extra Things That Usually Make The Challenge Challenging]]
(And for my personal pleasure. Very Happy)
--Must contain the name Charlie. It can be used unisexually.
--Must contain a reference to a political view.
--Brownie Points: Applesauce. That’s all I’m saying.
--Must contain an inspirational quote. This can be in the story or can used to base the story on.
--Song fiction is welcome, also. Just be sure to credit.

To Enter::

To enter, comment this blog or send me a personal message.
When story is finished, post it on Mibba (or any other site you may use to post writing), if possible and send me the link. (Be sure to state “This is an entry for the GSB Fiction Piano Contest” in the summary.)
If unable to post on Mibba, or any other site that you may use, please PM me.

DEADLINE= April 17, 2008.
But please get them in as soon as possible. I’m an impatient person.

Judging will be done by myself, and perhaps a very trusted friend of mine.

If you have any questions, please PM me or comment for my email address.

Thank you, and happy writing!!

Posted on March 1st, 2008 at 02:08pm


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