What She Deals With

She is my hero. It is astounding what she puts up with and yet can still be here. How she hurts everyday. I only met her a couple years ago and yet we have become so close. I never would have known looking at her untill I really learned and began to try and understand her, how absaloutly strong she is. I would lover to introduce you, my dear reader, to her life.

The first of the many things she deals with ( I am unsure of the name ) is the fact she can not stop herself from saying what is on her mind. For instance you and I, we can think befor we speak. She thinks something then says it. When she was younger people thought there was something wrong with her and she was....deseased. When it was only she could not controll the timming between a thought and processing on weather or not to say it outloud..

Second. This amazing person has OCD. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. For a little while she wanted to always pierce her ears. She now has twelve piercings. She dosn't even realise what this is. And she can't help it either. Her and this boy are off and on. Have been together for a year and a half though. At the moment they arnt together. she told me she does not want him. The thing is she needs him. This is a result of the OCD.

Third. My friend, is Bi Polar. This basically means she has very very extreame mood swings. At one moment we could be laughing and having an amazing time and next thing I know she could be huddle in my arms sobbing.

Fourth. My dear friend....she have been disgnosed with depression. Yes it is bad. She used to cut and cut really really badly. To the point her mother almost had to put her into a hospital. Now a days she is somewhat better. She knows if she cuts again she goes. Now...as I write this I get tears in my eyes. A couple weeks ago my friends mother was out and her older brother was watching her. She threatened to take her life...he broke down into tears. Told her he loved her and he needed her. She needed to hear that. And thanks to him..I still have my friend.

In my town, the police,schools and and other person of concern know who my friend is. Incase anything were to happen. On my friends fridge is a crisis number that anyone can call including her, if they think she needs help. Someone comes in to see her every week. She takes medication. Through all of this there is her mother. And I can see where my friend gets her strength. Every child learns from their parents and she is so very lucky that her mom is so strong.

Through all of this I have made a promise to myself. No matter what happens I'm going to stay by her side. I'm going to make sure she knows she can always depend on me. Most of my friends can tell you that. I'm always there for them.

So you see we all have our problems, and our issues. I think we all just need to remember there are stories out there that are worse then our own.

thank you for your time.

Angel Rose Valentine
Posted on March 6th, 2008 at 07:34pm


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