Okay, so I really don't know how long I've been a member of this website, and really I'm too lazy to look and do the math. But I have something to say, and I'm going to just dive right into it.

Here goes.

In the time that I've been here I have met two amazing people, who unlike many others, accept me for who I am. Or who I seem to be anyway, I'm not quite sure of how life works just yet. But these two wonderful, nice, smart, funny girls have made me realize how good life can and that what I do really does affect those around me.

The first is Kaycie. She's just and amazing person in general. We used to be the best of friends, until I did something stupid. And then Angel and I started talking more and more. I don't know where/what I would be without Angel. When everything happened with Kaycie, she was here to talk to. She talked me out of bad times, though she may not have known it at the time. And then because of Angel, Kaycie and I started talking again, and now I think we're almost to the point we were before. But we'll never be quite the same way we were.

I really don't know what the point of this blog was, just to say how much I appreciate them I guess. So, yeah.

I love you, both more than you think.
Posted on March 13th, 2008 at 07:59pm


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