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is it just me or have you'se ever noticed that once you gain a friend you loose someone in return?
lately brock and i have become friends and we talk and that but ever since gaining brocks friendship ive lost jaydens in return.
i could have easily prevented loosing jayden by keeping my mouth shut but what i said needed to be said and it was not over reacting i just didnt appreciated jayden jeopardising my friendship with kelc over something that had nothing to do with me.

here comes my next issue.
what makes a person popular?
is it their looks, their personality, their sense of music and clothes? if you ask me there shouldnt be the popular kid vs the unpopualr kid.
if you ask me sometimes the unpopular kid is just as cool or if not cooler than the popluar kid.
it shouldnt be based on their family, their looks, their style it should be based on themselves and what people value.
im struggling to come to terms of why the popular kids at our school are popular because once you actually sit down and talk to them they really arent all that nice.

i am also wondering why people are so concerned about their relationships at this age. not been rude but your probably not even going to know you boyfriend, girlfriend etc in the next ten years.
i said today that i would always put my friends first no matter what even if i did have a boyfriend and everyone looked at me.
yes i have a boyfriend at the moment but i know we wont be with each other forever. we're going to get over one another and find someone else. we are only 13/14 this isnt a life threatening situation. it actually annoys me when people talk about whos going out with who and who did this with who and so on because its not going to matter in the next few years so just move on with life because there are plenty more things to worry about than teenage romance.

thanks for reading if you actually took your time,
Posted on March 13th, 2008 at 11:41pm


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