From First To Last! :D

Warning; probably has a ton of bad grammar. But gtfover it. :]


When we first went inside I had to pee really bad but I saw Matt and Ricky @ merch so we went and talked to them first. I asked Matt if he remembered me, and told him he signed my guitar. And then he remembered me and my mom. So then we got pictures of / with him and then left to get money for merch. I got the LAST purple shirt. It was the one on display, too haha; and a CD. And then at some points we rubbed Matt's wenis and then we left him alone because we found entertainment talking to Derek and Ricky.

The show was running late and about halfway though The Bled we went into the crowd to get our spots. We got to 3rd row and some fatteee kept like digging her rolls into us and was being a wannabe Ashley. After awhile we decided to go onto Travis' side and we were like 2/3rd row by the speakers for that. During Ride The Wings Of Pestilence, I swear Matt looked at me. His hair was in his face and he nodded at me sorta and then laughed when I stopped moving. Some guy jumped on me during Note To Self and I kept hitting him to get my spot back.

fftl playeeeed [in no order + probably another]:
Ride The Wings Of Pestilence
Note To Self
Two As One
I Once Was Lost But Now Am Profound
Kiss Me I'm Contagious

Then we went outside because we were really hot from all the fatty people. Then we went back insideee to talk to Ricky.

And then we went outside. We walked down this ramp and then out of nowhere [scaring the SHITTT out of me] Matt comes up behind me and starts rubbing my wenis. He goes, "I BEAT YOU AT YOUR OWN GAME, HAHA" and then I try rubbing his wenis and he runs away LOL'ing like a monger and then says he's going to go shower and get changed. And then we went back inside, outside, etc etc.

FF [LOL] to the part about the hanger. Ricky was tapping us repetively with a hanger and then gave it to me when I asked WTF he was doing ["I'm casting a spell"]. It was like, ohhh kaaay. We got bored with it after awhile and gave it back. He threw it across the room LOL.

And then I was talking to my mom and she goes "There's your buddy" and I turn to see Matt so I go talk to him. I told him about the hanger and I was like, "Ricky gave me a hanger" and he's like, "WHY". So I go, "idk it had bite marks" and he says why again and then I told him "he bit the hanger I guess". So then he goes and talks to some fans and we go talk to Ricky and yeah. Then Jacque and my mom tell me we have to go so of course I'm like NO WAYY. And then I went and said bye to Ricky and then talked to him for like, 5 minutes about him getting wasted. And then I went with my mom to say goodbye to Matt and his elbow was in my face so I was like, MATT GET YOUR WENIS OUT OF MY FACE >:. And then he's like /shoves wenis into face. So we say bye and my mom disappears and then I was like, MATT PLZ REMEMBER MEEE. And he was like, what, and bends over so I can tell him. And I said "remember me at warped" and he was like "of course ;D". So as I turn to leave he pulls me into gigantamous hug and I rub his wenis, say bye, and leave.

We saw Tricky Trav and said hay to him, too. OH SPEAKING OF TRICKY TRAV:

tricky trav: RIEN
me: :0
tricky trav: yeah youre the girl who comments me ;D

LOLLERSKATES. I'll leave you with that.

a few pictures.
Posted on March 15th, 2008 at 01:53pm


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