A 60 year old man can not tell me whether to be happy with myself or not

You know what I absoulutely hate?

People who think they're better then you because they're older. They think that just because they're not a 'young, troubbled teenager' anymore, they have the right to put other people down, and apparently I'm a really good target.

I hardly ever get critisized by my friends, unless it's all in good fun. I mean I can take a joke pretty damn far, but today I went home in tears. Not because of anyone my own age, but because of a 60 year old adult.

Apparently someone a lot older then me can ask me if I "want to look the way I do for the rest of my life" but if a person my own age said it to me, a much bigger deal would've been made.

It gets me even more angry when my own mum asks me to please concider what that person said. I'm perfectly fucking happy with the way I look. Whether some people think I'm too short or have teeth that aren't straight. What gives other people the right to tell me if I should be happy with myself or not?

Posted on February 13th, 2007 at 04:28am


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