How I Think We Should Choose a President

As you all know, this year's election is monumental. Why? Because there's a very large chance that a black man or a woman may become president, a first in American history.

And while this is a wonderful step foward for America, I have to wonder why it's taken us this long to get over our prejudices and see that the "right" kind of president may in fact be black or female. Someone's race or gender has nothing to do with how they could run a country. And that's why I believe we need a new system for the elections.

My proposal: We never see the candidate's faces or hear their voices. That's right - I want an election where all we know about the candidates is what they stand for and how they plan on leading our country. Because really, what else matters? We don't need to know what they look like! We don't need to know if they're a man or a woman! This way, citizens could choose who best fits the job as President, instead of choosing who just looks the part. I mean, George W. Bush looks like a president, and that obviously doesn't mean he can form sentences properly, let alone lead a nation.

It's a really different idea, I know. But a difference is what America needs right now.

By Poette
Posted on March 15th, 2008 at 07:59pm


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