Jean Claude

Jean Claude is a creepy frenchman who talks with his hands a lot while a cigarette hangs out the side of his mouth - just barely.

And he does this thing where he goes to tons of shows and dances with the best of em, the whole time he's trying not to spill his beer -usually fails- and throws the stink eye over his shoulder when someone knocks into him on purpose.

Jean Claude calls everyone "Andre" also, inatimate objects get this name and yes it can get confusing but after awhile you just learn to go with it or you move out of the way.

There's no time for idiots in his book because his mind is always going, going, going. Probably a lot faster than yours or anyone else's for that matter and when it comes to coffee he can become a spaz. Actually, he always spazzes when he has coffee which creates a problem because he loves it and just might be addicted to it. The nervous feeling he encounters from drinking said coffee is to be expected and he deals with it accordingly, even though people say he should probably stop drinking it - whatever, he can handle it.

Though technically he always acts like it's some big shock when he flips out after having a grande peppermint mocha.

Jean Claude is Jean Claude is Jean Claude, and he talks with his hands a lot.
Posted on March 21st, 2008 at 12:07am


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