Present me with the logic: Am I Right or Am I Wrong?

Present me with the logic: Am I right or Am I wrong?

Warning: Major Rant. May Be Prone To Severe Emotion On My Behalf. May Also Cause Anger Upon Your Behalf Towards Life And Ill-Treatment .

If Affected By The Truth Please Vacate The Blog In An Orderly Manner.

Today, I am presenting a well thought out rant of mine. I would like your opinion on this, as I am quite sure that this problem would also occur within your school. If it hasn’t yet presented itself, be warned, learn from what I am going to say. Please, for your own sake and for your future sake, take action sooner rather than later.

I live in Ireland. The educational system will differ to some, slightly, to others greatly - so I shall explain more. At the age of 12/13, one attends second level education - Highschool for Americans I would think. You can spend 6 years within this school or the option of skipping 4th year which results in 5 years of second level education. When you come to 6th year, you are faced with an official state exam. It is the toughest exam, as a student, that you will ever face - ever! It is a tough road. The results you get will determine which collage you can attend and which course you can obtain. Basically, this exam determines your future. So here is where I need your opinion. I want you to be brutally honest with me as I am considering taking this to an official higher power ie. The Board of Education.

I am in an ordinary level Irish class. Our previous teacher, who had thought us for an entire year as a substitute, was replaced in September of this year by our official teacher. This teacher had been absent for an entire year for health reasons that could not be avoided. Now, last year, when we had the sub Mr. Keane, as a class, each student was passing the course. We were doing just fine. When our official teacher came back, it was a never ending down slope trip to Failure! This teacher has failed to present themselves for the class, being absent for as long as two weeks at a time. As a Leaving Cert class, this behaviour is not acceptable. Yet, the principal of the school fails to see our argument and shoves us off with the words “We will have a substitute teacher for you tomorrow.” Apparently, the principal came about with the idea that sending in a Maths teacher to sub an Irish class, was appropriate. OK, explain the logic in that to me . . .

To top it all off, our official teacher comes back and then as the cheek to tell us all that we are going to fail the Irish exam in June, we should all drop down to foundation level and there is no hope for us because we are not studying.

Excuse me, but she is the one who does not turn up for the class! We, as the pupils, show our faces everyday in that class, hoping to learn. However, the teacher doesn’t bother her arse to turn up! They’re telling us that we should revise the work by ourselves. Should we? Really? I’m very sorry, but I find it very difficult to revise work that has not been explained to me nor am I aware of the correct procedure in completing the work. The teacher should be there to do that for us! But she isn’t!

It is understandable that for family reasons, she can not come to class everyday. I’ve always said “Family before education.” I have taken numerous days from school to look after my family. I have a son who is nearly two years old and I have had to miss days to be there for him. But honestly, why would someone put a teacher who is not guaranteed to show up every day into a Leaving Cert class. Irish is a ‘must have’ subject to attend most collages. You have to pass Irish to get into University’s and IT’s. As it goes, each of us is failing.

Can you present me with the logic of this?
Can you tell me if I’m going over bored?
Am I exaggerating?

This is 2008 love! You can’t live without a good Leaving Cert and exam results! No one will take you without a degree and without a leaving cert, your not guaranteed a secure job. This is my future on the line here. How dare they put me in such a situation. How dare they prevent me from learning and making a life for myself. How fucking dare they!

As a school who base the foundation of my life, and others for that matter, they have the balls to put me and my fellow classmates into this predicament. I am disgusted with the treatment we are receiving and no one seems to care. Why, I ask you? I’ll be painfully honest with all of you. Shun me if you want, moan, bitch and complain about it, but I’ll tell you something, no one gets a job for the fun of it - no one! At the end of the day, it’s about the money! You need money to live in this world. The economy has gone BOOM! Prices have gone up. Life is expensive. You need a good Leaving Cert to live, to get a job, to make a life for yourself. How can I do that when my teachers aren’t there for me? This is the bitter reality. You work for money, not for fun. The same goes for musicians. They make music for fun, yeah, but also for the money. That’s there job. They got there on talent. I’m not going to be a musician, I don’t have that talent, what I do have is a want to make a life for me and my family.

I am a mother. I have a son. I want my son to have the luxuries I never had. I want to give him a secure home. I want to put food on the table for him every night and I want him to know that I can easily give him what he needs. The way my education is going now, I’ll be lucky to get a job stacking shelves for the summer.

So, tell me, will I be taking a step to far if I go to the official Board of Education?
Tell me if I should just deal with it - what do you think?

Posted on March 24th, 2008 at 10:02am


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