Reading Comprehension Again

A long while ago, I wrote a blog about GSBians understand what other GSBians write in their blogs. I was angry. I was frustrated. As a result, I wrote "Reading Comprehension and Blogs". To summarize, I wrote that when one reads a blog, or anything really, one should read thoroughly and understand what the writer is trying to say through his work before commenting on it. It is called reading comprehension. If one ignores this crucial step, one can and will sound incredibly stupid.

I was going back through my blogs. I went to that particular blog. I found the following comment:

Well, you can't get mad at the reader for not understanding. Maybe its you. Maybe its your writing. I am sure that no one is trying to sound like an idiot and not understand a blog, so its really not the reader at all. Its the writer and you should write a blog about the writers of the blog making sense.

Isn't it an interesting comment? I agree with part of it. Writers should always strive to be lucid, especially when dealing with something like an article or a blog. I agree 110%. However, the burden of understanding and interpreting a written piece cannot fall entirely on the writer. The reader, being the one who reads, must also work from his side. He must use his brain and try to comprehend the statements made in a written work.

If you are given a written piece, you will (I assume) read it once or twice and try to understand what it being said as you read. I assume you will look up words you do not know. I assume you will try to understand the usage of certain words and the writer's style. All this, I assume. Perhaps such a long process is not necessary for blogs, but the fact is, a certain amount of analysis and comprehension is to be done. You must understand before you comment.

Now, going back to that comment made about my earlier blog. It is true. No one tries to sound like an idiot, unless they're very bored. However, I take umbrage that at the insinuation that my writing was unclear and therefore I cannot blame the reader. I can and will blame the reader when the reader is being completely retarded and misses the entire point!

If you are taking the SAT, will you blame the author of a passage if you cannot understand it? No you fool! You will blame yourself for not learning how to properly understand a passage! Call me an English-nerd! I like the subject, I don't care! But for Heaven's sake, do not do not DO NOT put the entire burden of a written piece on the writer.

Do not make us write it out point-wise with baby-words so that any moron with an internet connection can comment on it. Please, for God's sake, understand it first.

Thank you.
Posted on March 28th, 2008 at 02:16pm


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