GAMLA STAN, Stockholm (Sweden)

I think I should write this down, although it was in August of last summer and my memory is a tad fuzzy. Sorry if I get any of the info wrong and offend any Swedes. This was my present for graduating from grade 8 and going on to highschool.


First off, I'ma tell you that Stockholm is comprised of islands which are all interconnected. That picture is of Gamla Stan, or Old Town. There are so
many little side streets and the buildings are so close together. Every door
is different, and I mean EVERY SINGLE DOOR. There're little boutiques
and cafes everywhere you go.

The streets are cobblestone'd!

Also, there is
only enough room for a small car to go through and on the commercial
streets cars simply don't drive there unless they're making a delivery.
There are so many resteraunts that all have a sign outside telling you
what the soup-of-the-day is or what specials there are. Every single
one smelled insanely good. I even had REINDEER one night for supper.

This is the smallest street in GamlaStan. My dad with his huge
shoulders just barely made it through, its about a meter and a
quarter wide. It gets smaller every year, too. Apparently the soil is
rising because it had previously been squashed down by the glaciers.
So now the buildings are slowly moving towards eachother, because
the buildings are a tad lopsided.

Every day when we (my mommy, my daddy and I) went down to Gamla Stan, it
was like finding a new treasure where ever you looked. My eyes
feasted on everything, needless to say.

This is one of the many squares. All over Gamla Stan there
are just huge squares with buildings facing in. I'm pretty sure
I had a meal at the building with the awning, to the right of the
picture. I even had pop in a glass bottle, a first for me.

the same square. I love the blue building.

the cafe on the far left had these waffle-cone sundaes that were made right there (the waffle-cones.) and you could smell them everywhere.

at night.

- on a side note, the washrooms are called the WC
(vay-say. there aren't any "w"s in Swedish, unless they're borrowed from other languages. my favourite word in Swedish is VARNING (warning). We got this sign for my aunt that had a cat with its back arched and hackles raised that said "varning for katten"Wink.
THEY WERE OUTSIDE! They were 5kroner
to use, and they were essentially this big,
metal cubicle/room that was all sealed in.
It was pretty rad.

Must also note that some Swedes can't hold their booze that well. Either that or they drank themselves to extreme levels. Saturday morning there was barf puddles everywhere. But they do enjoy drinking.

Posted on March 30th, 2008 at 12:11am


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