How-to Be "Girly" - as requested

So a GSBian requested someone write a blog about being "girly". By all means, I'm not the most "girly" girl ever. But I guess I do have a sense. And, also, note that this blog will probably be very broadly written and on the borderline of stereotypical (or, just flat-out is).

How to be Girly
What you will need: (All are basically optional. I don't know how to put it any other way.) We will go into greater detail of the objecsts later.
- Clothes (Obviously, we don't wanna run around naked...unless you're into that type of thing. :])
- Make up
- Hair Straightener (Optional: bobby pins)

Talk about a general title. As you probably noticed most "girly" girls wear clothes from Hollister, American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch, etc.So, buy your SHIRTS there. Buy jeans/pants elsewhere! Personally, I think they're overpriced at those stores. While you can still buy them if you have the money, I prefer to buy them at cheaper stores. Also, although not essential, jeans skirts are always a plus. I usually don't wear any, because along with tan left. :]

Make Up
Basically all you need is: foundation that matches your skin tone, eyeshadow (NOT overly dramatic colors: i.e. neon green), eyeliner, mascara, and a sheer shade of lipgloss. Tips: Don't put heavy eyeliner on! Put a bit on your waterline and you'll be just fine. I can't explain to you how to do all the make up, just experiment until you find something you like.

Straight hair isn't essential, but it's always a plus. Straighten your hair in layers so you will have more volume (if available, use heat spray that will a. make your hair ever straighter and b. protect your hair from frying) and more likely to get ALL of your straight. Optional: bobby pins. Lately, I've noticed many girls have been pinning their bangs back with bobby pins. Also, you can't go wrong with a simple ponytail.

Now, these are NOT the only ways to be "girly", just a broad set of ideas.

Posted on April 1st, 2008 at 09:15pm


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