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I'm a girl. I’m surprised you haven’t figured that one out yet… I love Emo. Emo owns you, especially Emo boys. They got nice hair… But still, I love the whole concept and such. I myself am only half Emo. I don’t cut myself or anything, don’t worry. I don’t bite. I'm more outsider than anything...
Onto the real thing… I obsess over a lot of things. For instance, back in the lovely summer of 2006, I was in love with Orlando Bloom. I went around pretending that he was mine and such. I was practically insane. I thought that I actually felt “love” for a celebrity. PFFT. Ah well, I had some fun running around being insane. And believe me, I made much more typos then and used much more caps. CAPSLOCK was on 24/7. xD But now my best friend, Sydney, is like that. I passed it on, and she’ll soon come to a point of realization that you can’t love a celebrity. [Unless you actually know them, which in that case, it’s a different story. =P]
Even though I may not be obsessed with it anymore, I do love Pirates of the Caribbean. My favourite out of them is Curse of the Black Pearl, which was the first one. I do like Dead Mans chest, though. DMC was defiantly a lot funnier than CotBP, but I still like the first one better. My favourite PotC character is Will Turner, obviously, closely followed by Admiral Norrington. I’m going to see At World’s End [the third one] at midnight on the day is comes out. I’ve got a count down, if you’d like to look. Like you care. I also enjoy watching Lord of the Rings. You all must’ve heard of LotR… It’s the best movie trilogy out there, by far. My favourite LotR race is elves, because elves rule. My favourite character is Legolas. Lego actually makes it as my favourite movie character, period. So there’s my music section!
Anyway, I do Tae Kwon Do as well. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a form of Korean martial arts. I enjoy it very much and I think my instructor - Mr. Bentley - is the best TKD instructor ever. He’s not too bad looking either. =/ And Mr. Thomas is hilarious. I love all my instructors. ^^ I wish I could go to one of those "adult only" Tae Kwon Do dinner parties to see them in tuxedos. Lol, that'd be fun. So, I'm currently a purple belt. I'll be testing for my high purple belt on either February 16 or 17. It’ll be on either Jack or Billie Joe's birthday. But wait. I’m going to be driving to Florida on those days… I don’t know. I’m sure we can schedule a private test, or just attend the make-up. Testing periods are shorter now, so it’s important that I keep up with my belts and such. My favourite tae Kwon Do weapon is nunchucks. Mine are broken, though. My sister and I were both swinging them, and she was swinging with the wrong hand… Hers hit mine; one of my nunchucks went FLYING into the audience and hit a little girl on the head. xD So, there is my athletic information.
Now, onto politics and such. My favourite country is the United Kingdom. Specifically England… I, unfortunately, live in the USA, the one country in the world that I hate. The government sucks and everything is so stupid. I’m democratic, and I hate George Bush. We’re so dumb, we still the customary system! American Idiot just turned on. What’s up with that? O_O “Don’t wanna be an American idiot, one nation controlled by the media, information age of hysteria, it’s calling out idiot America!” Luckily, I was born in Canada. So if I leave here within five years, I won’t be a legal citizen. >=D I'd rather live in Europe, anyway. All the good countries like England, Spain, and Italy are there. =( I try to be as British as possible though. If I moved to the UK [which I will when I get older] I'd fit in perfectly. =P
Now, my favourite subject to talk about... MUSIC! Yes, I admit it... I'm a music addict. It's like a drug. It’s an addictive drug, but a good one at that. I listen to music whenever I can. Listening In the car, on the internet, in bed, in the morning, at dinner, all day, in the mall... Everywhere I go I need three things: Clothes, transportation, and an iPod, or at least a CD player. =P Anyway... My favourite bands are [in order]: Green Day, Linkin Park, All-American Rejects, AFI, Panic! At the Disco, Evanescence, Fall Out Boy, The Fray, The Killers, Nickelback, and Simple Plan. I’m especially fond of Green Day and Linkin Park, though. I absolutely HATE Fergie and the Pussycat Dolls. I don’t even consider it real music. No offense to any of you who like them, that’s just my honest opinion. My favourite song is currently Boulevard of Broken Dreams, followed by In the End, follow by Jesus of Suburbia. I do like many other songs, though. Oh, yes.
Yesh, it’s an obsession. Yes, I do understand I can’t fall in love with any of them right now. x_X It’s a logical obsession, much more logical than any of my previous ones. My favourite member is Billie Joe Armstrong. He does vocals/guitar. I celebrity love him. xD I also had this big debate over he or Mike Dirnt was hotter. Mike won, but I still love Billie more. Oh, Mike Dirnt does NOT look like Big Bird!
Now I’m moving onto my love life. It’s so great. Uh, well… do you hate online relationships? Well, I do. I really can’t help loving my online friend, Jack. =/ well, online loving. He lives in England and I’ve [online] loved him since I met him. All the way back in June, was it? I have told him my feelings, but I’ve got no hope or luck. He’s in love with Nemo, a fish. Ah well. I suppose I’ll give up sooner or later, right?
Uh, so... I really got nothing else to say. Oh, right. Have I mentioned Jimmy? No, okay. Well St. Jimmy is a character from the American Idiot CD. He’s in the Jesus of Suburbia music video and let me tell you, he’s the hottest guy in the world! Jimmy’s so amazing. He’s a bad boy though. He cuts his hand open and put his handprint on the wall in blooood. He’s Emo! …Which is yet another reason to love him? Yes, I think so.

Posted on February 14th, 2007 at 01:21pm


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