Cruel Intentions.

Cruel Intentions is one of my most favorite movies of all time. There is no way for me to be unbiased about the movie, so be warned.Haha, i'm pretty much in love with it.

Cruel Intentions is all about this guy and his step sister and how their goal in life is to pretty much screw people then ruin them. Its a game to them, see how many people they can take advantage of and leave in tears. So Kathryn (Sarah Michelle Gellar) makes a deal with her step brother Sebastian (Ryan Phillipe) that if he sleeps with good-girl virgin Annette (Reese Witherspoon) she will let him "put it anywhere". If he fails, he gives her his expensive, prized posession- his car. So, Sebastian, who has always lusted after Kathryn but never suceeded in seducing her, agrees to this deal. He is very charming and has corrupted many girls before so he thinks it will be easy. He sets out to charm this girl into his bed but ends up falling in love along the way. He is so afriad that he will hurt her by sleeping with her that they end up breaking up.

***Big Huge Spoiler Alert***
In the end Sebestian gives Annette his diary, which tells every detail about Kathryn and the bet. He is heartbroken and sits outside Annette's house, waiting for her to hopefully come down. He begins to walk home but a man Kathryn has been sleeping with to ruin her "friend" Cecille's life confronts him after Kathryn lied and told him Sebastian had been physically abusing her. He is confused but fights back, endingup in the street. Annette runs out to stop the fight. She ends up in front of a car and Sebastian pushes her out fo the way, only to be hit and die. At his funeral, Kathryn gives a speech about how horrible of a person Sebastian was and how she hoped he would get to heaven. Meanwhile, Annette passes out copies of Sebastians diary, exposing all of the evil things Kathryn has done. The movie ends with Annette driving away from town in Sebastians car with the diary next to her.

When i first saw this movie i cried my eyes out. I've seen this movie a billion times yet i STILL cry my eyes out! I love it so much and ironically everytime i am very depressed i watch this depressing movie. Maybe the pain i feel for the movie lessens the pain i'm feeling in real life...

I know its pretty silly but i love this movie, truely love it like i would a person. I think it has a great message. The actors are so great and the soundtrack is amazing. I am so in love with Ryan Phillipe.

i'm not sure why i felt the need to write this blog. I guess i'm a little sad and i want to watch this movie. But its late. Oh and i heard a song from the movie today. I recommend this movie to everyone. Unelss you are easily offended by drugs and sex. It has heavy sexual issues and a slight drug use issue. Still, it is great. I truely love this movie.
Posted on April 23rd, 2008 at 12:26am


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