Just Because I'm Bored, I'll Announce My New Fan Fic Here, Too

As I've said a few times on Mibba now, I did in fact, write a new fan fic. *le gasp* I know, it's amazing. XD
Anywho, yes, it's about Jade Puget of AFI and I already have two chapters done and put up on Mibba, and I'm working on the third chapter right now. I'm having lots of fun with this, as is my friend Madeline, who is a constant source of encouragement and is anxiously awaiting the third chapter to be somewhat done when she returns home from her flute lessons. hahaha
So, I shall provide the link to my story and I hope that those of you who choose to read it, enjoy it. Fizz

You Took a Piece of My Heart
Posted on February 15th, 2007 at 08:21pm


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