Kids say the darndest things (about punks)!....

I thought this little moment in my life was funny, so I think I'll share it with whoever cares.
So, over the weekend, I had my two little cousins over. One of them is six and the other is four. They were sitting around in my room, which, as you can imagine, is COVERED in Green Day paraphernalia and such. Being the best older cousin and role model, I had taught them both the names and significance of each band member, in hopes of someday passing down the torch, so to speek. My older cousin just looked around at all of my Green Day posters and pointed to Tre. She said "I don't like him!"
I could not help but laugh. I replied "Why not? He's awesome!"
She said "He looks funny!" So I just laughed and said "You don't know the half of it!"
Then, she said something that had me rolling on the floor laughing!
"I like her, though! She's got pretty make-up on!" as she pointed to BILLIE JOE! Apparently, she thought Billie Joe was a girl, so I corrected her. "No, hon. That's a boy!"
"Oh," she says. "Then I don't like him, either!"
Then my younger cousin points to Billie and says "Well, I like him! He's CUTE!"
I guess I have some work to do with those kids!
Posted on May 19th, 2008 at 09:08pm


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