Watchmen is a graphic novel written by Alan Moore, set in 1985, in an alternate time line in which super heroes are real but are devoid of powers, , who have to go through many troubles in their past and present. On the brink of Nuclear Armageddon with the Soviet Union, the tension is rising. The Keene act was passed, outlawing all heroes. All complied, except for Rorschach, the only one who remains a vigilante.When one of the heroes, The Comedian, it sets forth an investigation by another, Rorschach. He believes that there is someone who is plotting to kill all the old Crimebusters. It delves deep into the would-be lives of the superheroes. After Rorschach is framed for a murder, and issentenced to jail, only to be sprung out by Nite Owl and the Silk Spectre. They go on a series of investigations leading to the truth, which I will not reveal in this blog

Seriously, I have not even scratched the surface of this epic, endearing tale. I wholly reccomend it to anyone, even if you are not a comic reader. Now for some pictures.

The Comedian and Hooded Justice.


Posted on May 22nd, 2008 at 11:11am


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