Mindless Self Indulgence + Templeton Pek 24/04/08 Manchester Academy

3 words:


One hell of a good night! Thanks to Glenn Edwards for taking me

The queue was HUGE and took forever to get inside the venue. Merch was fobbed off on the street, and those who bought it realised it was crap when they got inside and saw the decent stuff right by the door The room was boiling, everyone was dripping with sweat by the end of the night, and nearly everyone got crushed at some point or another. We were stood right near the middle of the crowd, pretty close to the front...then slightly to the left...then slightly closer...then further away...then back slightly left...and finished up back where we started haha. *mumbles* stupid scary guy starting the mosh pits and making everyone surge forwards *shakes fist*
"When I say we, you say suck! WE!"
"When I say we, you say SUCK! WE!"

but it isn't funny after hearing it 20 million times in one night. Thank you once again, stupid scary guy.

>>Templeton Pek:

These guys were one of the best support acts I've seen in a long time. Very good punk sound in their songs which began with a Blink 182 old style ring to it, then kicked into some pretty damn good riffs! They managed to get the crowd hyped up, although this was only achieved through saying something to do with Mindless Self Indulgence before or after every few songs, which is a bit of a shame. At least get us hyped off your own steam, or else how will you learn?
They got a few good mosh pits up and running, at the edge of which I was headbutted and received a nice swollen lump on my eyebrow. All in good fun! The set lasted about half an hour and none of the three members seemed to be remotely nervous or tired out. Neither did they strike a wrong note or sing a wrong key. Pretty impressive for a punk band I'd say.

>>Mindless Self Indulgence:

After keeping us waiting for half an hour, the legends appeared on stage one by one, with Jimmy coming on last wrapped in a white toga. As soon as 'Shut Me Up' began to play, this was ripped off to reveal the nice image of him in just his boxers Everyone was going sick, jumping, screaming etc etc with the mosh pit going in front of us and the lights flashing on stage, the smoke machine and all the people banging into me made it feel like you were lost, but only one thing mattered: Seeing the stage.
It's a bit of a shame the band use a backing track instead of actually having a keyboardist up there on the stage with them, but I suppose with the way Jimmy runs around so much there isn't room for one! With that said though, they are one hell of an experience to watch. Jokes cracked, accusations of being sell-outs and snidey comments all came included along with the note perfect songs. Never realised just how talented they all are. I'm amazed Kitty's arms didn't fall off!
They dragged some little 14 year old onto the stage and told him to sing to us. What song did they want him to sing, you ask? FAGGOT.
He said he didn't know the words, so the entire crowd basically took the song on its back, and bloody hell, it was ace! (And that kid really can't sing.)
Some lucky shizers got to support Lyn-Z as she went crowd walking, not surfing. That was pretty cool just watching her wade onto people's heads/shoulders/hands etc. "Why'd you have to go corrupt all those small children!?"
If you get the chance to see these guys play, go buy a ticket A.S.A.P.....and buy me one too

Oh yeah, Jimmy did get dressed eventually. One item of clothing at a time. Which we told him to put on. E.g.
"What comes after pants? Is it shirt or shoes?"
"You don't like my socks? Well fuck you!"
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